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Friday, 20 September 2019

It would be an understatement to proclaim that my writing has taken 'a bit of a backseat' in the past year or so; I don't actually remember the last time I actively chose to sit myself in front of a computer and produce something of any creative persuasion. 

My attention has predominately shifted towards self-navigating through my twenty-fifth year, with the aim of enduring as little perpetual trauma as possible, failing relatively miserably, but, hey, that's what therapy is for, amirite?!

If I were to follow suit, then typically I would now bestow upon you a long-arse post about what's been happening in my life; I shan't be doing that, for one unyielding reason: it would be hideously narcissistic of me believe that anyone actually gives a shit what I've been doing with my life over the past year. 

Nevertheless, I am required to write something, so here is a passive-aggressive, cryptic summary of lessons learned this year, take from it what you will: 

1. Some days it will feel like everyone is against you; let's not sugarcoat it: They probably are. Alas, you cannot control the way in which others think, nor how they behave, therefore, spark up a cigarette, have a sip from that glass of Cab Sav, and take comfort in the knowledge that the mighty universe will eventually smite them.

2. Drinking Bollinger and listening to Bright Eyes on repeat is not as Hollywood as you perceive it to be. It does not make you a complex, melancholy human-being; it merely intensifies your angst and now you've also got a headache. Good job, moron.

3. People leave; fucking let them.

4. The concept of owning up to your wrong-doings and taking responsibility for your shitty practices may cause an uncomfortable level of nausea, but historically, no one has ever actually physically shit themselves as a result of providing someone with an apology (as far as I know) so just do it. 

5. Don't waste valuable time breaking your back, brain, or any other vital biological component for "people" that wouldn't be willing to break a simple sweat to support you within your chaos. 

6. Revenge is a dish best served by an entirely different waiter.  

7. Being sent a romantic Instagram photo quote does not indicate that a person loves you; what it does indicate, is that they are agonisingly uncreative and spend way too much time on social media. 

8. Never allow one person's shoddy attempt at being a decent human-being to demolish your willingness to let new people in; a toxic encounter should not become the ball and chain that prevents you from bounding towards greater things. 

9. You are not obligated to hand out second chances, you are not Gandhi, and some circumstances genuinely do not deserve them. Once bitten, twice byeeeeeeeeeee. 

10. The most honest friendships are occasionally formed from the dishonesty of others. 

11. Watching re-runs of Greys Anatomy is not a healthy coping mechanism; your ex-boyfriend isn't Patrick Dempsey, and you categorically could not conduct a tracheotomy 'if you needed to.' 

12. Don't fight to demonstrate your worth. People will discover the magic of you eventually, and it's certainly not your damage if by the time they do, you've moved on. 

13. Do not get ensnared in the trap that is social media. The most disastrous of lives will appear to be perfect if you whack a whimsical filter over them.

14. On the mornings when you wake up, exhausted from a futile attempt at sleep, interrupted by night terrors and questioning what the point of anything is anymore, stop. Be kind to yourself. Eventually, you will learn to lie easy in the bed you made; the same cannot necessarily be said for others. 

15.. And finally.... 

Work hard. Don't let anything engulf your existence.

Work so hard, that in ten years from now, when you bump into that person, in the local Post Office whilst you're swiftly visiting family, collecting foreign currency for your next all-expenses-paid businesses trip, you can look them dead in the eye and feel absolutely nothing other than fulfilment; because you fucking did it without them.


The end. 

Elly xo 

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  1. A lot of wit n wisdom here! Another one I have found very difficult to take on board is 'don't take anything personally.' I was like.... Errrr what!? But I think it means what others say and do towards you that may hurt are to do with them, not you. But it doesn't mean stay around to endure more fuckery either lol. Here's to an awesome 2020 as I don't know about you but 2019 has been erm... somewhat challenging! Livvy x


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