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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Since accepting a new challenge within my hospitality marketing career a few months back, my already relatively non-existent social life has found itself inexorably withering away into the abyss. 

I do, of course, adore what I do: However, I am also progressively beginning to forget what it feels like to experience a fundamental human conversation; you know, the ones that don't involve table plans, napkin colour options and canapés.

As I found myself with rare availability, just enough money rattling in my bank account to justify something other than sleep for dinner, and an overwhelming desire to have strangers concerning themselves over what food selections I would enjoy for a change; I decided to peruse the eatery options in Chichester, West Sussex.

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Friday, 20 September 2019

It would be an understatement to proclaim that my writing has taken 'a bit of a backseat' in the past year or so; I don't actually remember the last time I actively chose to sit myself in front of a computer and produce something of any creative persuasion. 

My attention has predominately shifted towards self-navigating through my twenty-fifth year, with the aim of enduring as little perpetual trauma as possible, failing relatively miserably, but, hey, that's what therapy is for, amirite?!

If I were to follow suit, then typically I would now bestow upon you a long-arse post about what's been happening in my life; I shan't be doing that, for one unyielding reason: it would be hideously narcissistic of me believe that anyone actually gives a shit what I've been doing with my life over the past year. 

Nevertheless, I am required to write something, so here is a passive-aggressive, cryptic summary of lessons learned this year, take from it what you will: 

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