Escaping Comfort Zones

Monday, 10 April 2017

My hometown is a fish bowl.

Too many here spend their lives swimming over algae-ridden gravel, wading through brightly coloured plastic plants and treasure troves, dressed up to provide the illusion they are surrounded by beauty, until eventually, everyone believes it, enough so, they forget about the vast ocean existing just outside the windowsill they're perched upon - why be a goldfish in a small bowl, when you could be the humpback whale, plummeting to the depths of exciting, unknown waters?

The last couple of weekends I've made additional effort to get away, perhaps an element of that is my desperate attempt to escape current difficult situations - if you've been following my blog or social media, I haven't made much of a secret of the fact I've been going through some bizarre, emotional challenges recently, mostly as a result of my recent break-up with my long-term partner.

The fact I have been, although by my own making, catapulted into alien territories has forced me into stepping outside of my comfort zone, something that I believe I have needed to do for a long time so to develop into a more positive, independent version of myself.

As I said, the dangers of living in a fish bowl are becoming so used to your surroundings, not only do you forget there is a bigger world out there, you actually end up becoming anxious to explore it.

With that in mind, I've compiled a little list of thoughts and tasks to start taking baby steps into escaping my comfort zone:

Do at least one thing that scares the shit out of you.
Last weekend, I travelled to Epsom in Surrey to visit my beautiful friend, Tara. In the grand scheme of the universe and the size of planet earth, a train journey from Bognor to Epsom really isn't of great magnitude, but it was the furthest I have ever travelled on my own, which made it a pretty enormous deal for me. Even managing that journey alone without anxiety (or getting completely lost) has made me realise that next time I will be able to go just that little bit further, a mentality I need to start applying to other aspects of my life.

Learn the power of saying 'fuck it.'
I recently wrote a blog post for my 23rd birthday about things I have picked up over the years, one of the main themes of this was to stop worrying so much about what other people say, do or think. To be able to just throw your hands up and say 'fuck it' is not only incredibly therapeutic, but inspires you to try new things and push yourself without concern for judgement. NO ONE ELSE MATTERS.

Make plans for new adventures.
I've got quite an extensive list of adventures planned for this year, however, you don't have to plan to fly across to the other side of the world to find yourself. Remember that adventures come in the shape of new people, new experiences, new food, new music. Try not to be tricked into believing the only way you can discover yourself is by splashing out on a holiday.

Don't be too hard on yourself
There is a very fine line between self-motivation and self-punishment. You won't always succeed, but don't beat yourself up, concentrate on the fact you tried in the first place, take baby-steps and start again tomorrow.

Do you feel constrained by your comfort zone? How do you push yourself? Discuss!

Elly xo


  1. The one thing that I am most put off by is escaping my comfort zones. It is so easy to fall back on things all of the time and for you living in a town that allows you to do this must not be ideal when you wish to escape. These are some really good tips, I especially like the don't be so hard on yourself. Something I need to stop doing. Great read, really motivating
    Lois x

  2. I need to do each of those things on your list! Well done you for travelling alone, it can be very scary, my anxiety definitely doesn't allow me to do anywhere alone these days!
    I could do with learning to say fuck it, I spend too much time worrying!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  3. I like how you focus on the fact that adventures are not only physical experiences or trips, but also the discovery of other things around you and within you. I firmly believe that one has the ability to create adventure even if it doesn't involve physically going somewhere. Meeting new people at home, or discovering a new artist or blog is also an adventure, and sharing these adventures help to create a wonderful environment around you. Loved this.

  4. Your comfort zone is the hardest pace to escape from! And also the worst place to stay in! Well done you for taking steps to leap outside your comfort zone, good things always come from brave decisions <3

  5. Elly, I'm always so excited when you post! I loved reading this, and I agree that we should do at least one thing that scares us, because it will show us that stepping out into new things can actually be fun, but also can be achieved!

    Welcome back to the blogosphere by the way, girlie. I've missed you❤️

    - Chloe

  6. This is so inspiring! That is amazing that you travelled solo on your weekend trip to visit your friend, may that bring you many more solo adventures! Xx

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

  7. I love this! I really want to read "the life changing magic of not giving a fuck", I think it could really help me chill out haha!

  8. THis is a great post! so relatable and so helpful! great tips! doing scary things is quite important because it teaches you audacity, independence and so much more! xx corinne


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