Hello November

Sunday, 6 November 2016

I feel like way too many of my blog posts open with my dismay that yet another month has gone by - where the hell is the time going? I've been a little bit rubbish recently, things have sort of got on top of me and I'm trying to catch up with everything, so my blogging has unfortunately suffered a bit - which is why I thought I would begin this month with a little update.

I was so organised at the start of October, I had the most in-depth spreadsheet of content to go out throughout 'Blogtober' - I think I lasted about two weeks before I had to throw in the towel. I have so much respect for bloggers that manage to successfully balance a full-time job and a social life.

One of the big things I was really excited to blog about this year was the Lewes Fireworks that take place on Bonfire Night. It's something we have been saying for the past couple of years we want to go to but it just comes around so quickly, we always end up running out of time and missing out.

This year was no different. We did desperately want to go, but with Southern Fail being as shit as they are at the moment, and the fact we are very aware Christmas is just around the corner and we desperately need the funds, we decided it would be better to stay local. 

All was not lost though, my sister had my Mum's house to herself for the weekend, so we got a little group together and had a Mexican night (Mexican food is my ultimate favourite) it was a really great night and no-one got the shits - success!
I haven't got any particular plans for the month, just trying to catch up on blogging whenever I can and start planning for Christmas, eeeeeeek!

We have almost finished decorating the flat (you know, like I planned to have done at the start of October - oops) and our new furniture from IKEA is due to be delivered on the 13th November, so I'll look forward to sharing photographs of that.

I realise this isn't a particularly exciting update (sorry!) But I am hoping this month will bring some new adventures, and that I'll be able to get myself back into a better routine of blogging!

What are your goals for November?

Elly xo

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