Things That Make Me Smile

Friday, 7 October 2016

Today is National Smile Day, which I think is absolutely the most wonderful thing ever, so I thought I would share with you some things that make me grin!

1. Big glasses of red wine
2. Fresh bedding
3. The feel of brand new notebooks - stationary is life
4. Next day takeaways heated in the microwave for breakfast
5. Friday evenings in my local pub
6. Music from adverts - they are always amazing
7. Creative brainstorming
8. Petrichor - the earthy smell after rain
10. Wearing Ben's big jumpers
11. Trying new food and visiting new restaurants
12. Baths full of bubbles
13. Sausage rolls by the truckload
14. Finding gold coins down the back of the sofa
15. Long train journeys with headphones & good music
16. Mexican food!
17. Meeting new people
18. Exploring charity shops
19. Evenings in with friends, good talks & beer
20. Date nights
21. Discovering new music
22. Spending time with my younger sister
23. Dominoes two for tuesday's
24. Christmas Eve
25. Writing
26. Friends saying they've missed me
27. Objects, smells or places that bring back happy memories
28. Driving around my hometown with my Dad in the car he built
29. Sunday roasts with my Mum and Step-family
30. All the animals

Short & Sweet. Have a smiley day!

Elly xo

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