Celebrating One Year in Marketing

Thursday, 6 October 2016


Today marks my 1st workiversary.

That's 365 whole days without being fired once.

I am aware that it isn't the most outstanding achievement, nor should I be acting as if I deserve a medal for lasting twelve months in employment. However, the thing is, I have had to endure some pretty shitty (to say the least) circumstances to get here.

I left University in 2012 with a degree in Creative Media & Journalism, a course so vague I could have crow-barred it into pretty much any job application, I decided to venture into marketing as I believed this was the best way of making productive use of all the skills I have acquired during my two years studying.

Turns out it's not that easy.

Marketing is a fickle bitch.

 Since 2013 I have been employed in three different Marketing-related roles within three different companies, none of them ending particularly well - not for me anyway. The first, a massive organization who suspiciously let me go two weeks before the official end of my probation period and one week after discovering I was on anti-depressants. I later discovered from inside sources that the pinnacle decision for throwing me out on my ear after a mere six months was simply because they didn't like me.

The second was a job I absolutely adored but unfortunately it turned out to be on an 'if there's an opportunity at the end of your probation' basis, and I once again found myself unemployed within the space of a few months, although this time round they were apologetic and sincerely disappointed to have to let me go, which did soften the blow, but didn't pay the rent.

In between these main two jobs I have worked endless freelance projects, being let down numerous times at the last minute and coming out with less money than I went in. I even did a short stint as a writer for a newspaper who waited numerous weeks and forty written articles in to tell me that they didn't have the budget to pay me for my time. Oops.

Basically, as people are unlucky in love, I have been unlucky in employment, the fact I haven't given up entirely and become an executive spinster is a miracle.

So here I am.

365 whole days without being fired once.

And I'm feeling pretty bloomin' marvelous about it.

So to celebrate, here's a little list I have compiled of my favourite things about working in Marketing:

Writing. This is honestly my favourite thing about my job. Editorials, advertorials, blog posts, articles, interviews, you name it, I'll write it. Not only is it the most fun to get a new writing project, it also really aids in developing an adaptable writing style, something companies adore!

Magazines. The best thing about writing for a lot of magazines, you get given a lot of magazines. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing in a cute little pile on the edge of my desk, but I'm enjoying reading and learning about things I had never considered before. Give me your glossies!

Networking Events. Whoever came up with the concept of hosting evenings dedicated to drinking white wine and exchanging business cards like an intellectual speed dating session, is a genius. I bloody love networking events, and would highly recommend any business person, in marketing or otherwise, to attend (not just for the free canapes)

Brainstorming. When it comes to pitching creative ideas I am like an over-excited squirrel.Want something to go viral? I'll give you a hundred different PR ideas involving as many or as little dancing horses as you want.

Bartering. Marketing is 10% design, 10% drinking coffee and 80% getting that DPS down from £800 to £8.50, no questions asked.

Social Media. My experience has come from Digital Marketing more than other forms, so Social Media is my baby. I love the challenge of creating consistently entertaining content across all of the social channels, and see every page like or follow as a little victory.

What are your favourite things about your job?

Elly xo

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  1. Elly, congrats on making it 365 days in your role - and committing to Blogtober! I'm enjoying your posts, they're smart, to the point and engaging :) it's a great idea to be clear about what you like about your job - and to look back on the journey you've had to get there. Thanks for sharing x



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