Why I Stopped Wearing A Bra

Thursday, 13 October 2016

I have been debating whether or not to write this post for a little while now, primarily because I wasn't sure if it was a subject that anyone could relate to or would even be interested in. However, after doing a little bit of research on the 'ole internet, I discovered that not only is this a topic very much in discussion, it's also very relevant because today is *drum roll* NATIONAL NO BRA DAY!

This makes me so happy, not only because it's a fantastic way of raising awareness for breast cancer, a subject very close to my heart, but it's also a wonderful way of giving women the opportunity to celebrate what mother nature gave 'em!

I made the decision to stop wearing a bra just over a year ago, shortly after starting my new job. The long hours sat at a desk meant my back was often in excruciating pain with my ribs feeling as if they were being crushed - not the most pleasant way to spend an eight-hour shift. I bought a back support for my chair thinking it was more than likely down to my horrendous posture, but still, week after week passed and the dull aching around my chest, back and armpits continued relentlessly.

I remember the amazing feeling of relief, as many women do, when getting home, throwing my bra across the room and enjoying a few short hours of bliss before waking up in the morning, strapping myself back into the torture chamber we call lingerie and heading into the office. Eventually, it got to the point where I was in so much discomfort that I was darting to the bathroom on my lunch break, pulling the damn thing off and stuffing it into the bottom of my handbag, praying no one would notice I wasn't wearing it.

That's the thing, literally the only barrier between me and booby happiness was how embarrassed I was at the prospect of  people noticing that I was braless. A year ago, I would have been absolutely mortified if anyone had passed comment on my chest, so the days I did decide to put my comfort first, I would pile on layer after layer, so that no-one would know otherwise - god forbid someone discovers I have nipples.

 I began getting so frustrated that something as simple as choosing not to wear an item of clothing was causing such anxiety as if it's anyone's right to tell me what I can and cannot wear for the benefit of my health and comfort. These feelings made me curious, and so I started doing some research to find out more about wearing a bra, and whether it was even worth my time. The first thing I found was this:

University of Franche-Comté professor Jean-Denis Rouillon conducted a 15-year study into the effects of bras on breasts in that period of time. He found that there were no benefits to bra wearing, and said, "Medically, physiologically, anatomically, the breast does not benefit from being deprived of gravity." 

Ta-da! I also discovered a lot of women are in the same position as me, hating the prospect of wearing a bra, but feeling too self-conscious to take it off, with one woman quoting that she would only wear one when she feels she "has to" at work or in certain social situations.

Please don't think I am sat here arrogantly telling everyone to burn their bras, I, of course, understand that women of different body types will perhaps feel as uncomfortable about not wearing a bra as I did about wearing one, I am absolutely not shunning anyone's decision to wear or not to wear.

What I am shunning is people's decision to make other people feel uncomfortable about their choice to wear or not to wear. The people who think it's acceptable to ask ask me if I'm "feeling a bit nippy" or tell me that if I don't wear a bra then I'll certainly have breasts around my kneecaps when I'm older - newsflash: everyone has boobs around their kneecaps when they are older, bra or no bra.

Honestly, I really tried to enjoy wearing it. I went through a phase of buying different styles, different shapes, different sizes, but let's be honest, underwear is fucking expensive and I'm not prepared to take out a bank loan to afford a fitting and new bra from Marks and Spencers just so someone won't make a joke about how I wobble when I walk.

So, when the very last bra I owned finally fell apart, I threw it in the bin (sorry no dramatic underwear burning scenes here) and decided I was going to start putting myself first. And here I am, well over a year later and all the better for no bra. And I've stopped giving a shit about what people think or say. My confidence has grown astronomically and I'm just not phased by those ridiculous comments like: 'you know you really should wear a bra' anymore.

 I think basically the moral of this post is don't ever let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about a decision you make about your own damn body.

But I would also like to make a real point about the most important part of this day. 

It is so incredibly important to take note of the message National No Bra Day.

We are raising awareness of breast cancer.
We are showing solidarity to those who have battled or are still fighting.
We are reminding women that it is crucial to frequently check their breasts for abnormalities.
We are showing women all over the world that they are not alone.

This is so, so important ladies. Know your body, love your body and keep it safe.

What are your views on wearing a bra? Do you wish you didn't have to? What's stopping you? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Elly xo


  1. It is our body and we do what we want;)

  2. I agree that bras are really uncomfortable - don't think I'd be able to go out without one though!

    Serena / http://ramblingsofanotherunistudent.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Ugh uncomfortable bras are the worst aka all of them. I'm not brave enough just yet to go braless but I love that you've done it for you and hopefully one day it'll just be normal not to wear them.

    Lisa | www.fairlyrosy.com

  4. I love this post! I hate wearing a bra and often go without, to some peoples horror I might add! I don't feel I need one so I often don't wear one. End of story! Thanks for posting this - inspiring ☺️

  5. This is such an interesting post! Thank you for writing this and sharing your story and information!

  6. This is such a good and important read, I'd love to go without a bra but don't think I ever could, I just wish there was more comfortable ones, why are they all so uncomfortable :')?

  7. Oh wow, this was a deep, personal & informing post! It is so annoying to have to wear bras all the time..but only on certain occasions I can go without it. Just my prerogative! Great post though.

  8. Don't think I could ever go without one, but non underwired ones are the bomb! Forever wanting a Calvin Klein set </3


  9. One of my favourite reads in a while! I'm so proud of how brave you are and i hope more and more girls become less self conscious about this. It is important to look after your body and not wearing bras is definitely contributing towards a healthy body!
    Love Abs x

  10. Love this post! It's definitely of interest to me!! I haven't gone bra less, but I've gone too bralettes, it's nice to just have a bit of material (to hide any nippleage) but I couldn't comprehend going back to underwire right now!

    And raising awareness to check yourself and know your boobs is always great. Get in there, have a good feel! Our bodies will thank us for it x

  11. I don't remember last time I wore a proper bra. I rather wear sports bras or nothing at all.


  12. Ugh, AMAZING post to read... I despise people that shun and make comments to girls who choose not to wear a bra. Lately I have actually been going without a bra every now and then and it has been amazing.. the comfort of no bra and also my ribs too were feeling crushed etc so to not have that feeling was unreal! Yes, you are right, confidence does grow because of it.
    I love this!!!!!!!!!! Go girl. X

  13. Good for you girl! I used to get such crap for not wearing a bra, so I started wearing one again! The relief when I take it off is epic at the end of the day! I would stop but I need it to feel comfortable on the trains commuting to work - enough people stare at my boobs enough as it is! A shame as I'd love to feel more confident and comfortable!
    Great post nonetheless!


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